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"Conventional Nail Polish Remover is more damaging on many levels than you could ever imagine or have been told.  Simply look at what it does to your nails over time;
and the smell!  www.SafeNailPolish.com has the answer for healthy,
beautiful nails for you and your loved ones."
Dr. David Dixon, MD - Owner, Medical Director

Please Be Informed! or "Don't Believe The Hype!":

1. Just because a Nail Polish touts itself as being "Vegan", "Organic" or "Formaldehyde, Toluene or Dibutyl Pthalate Free (DBP)", does NOT mean they are "Safe" OR "Non-toxic"!


2. All Nail Polish is "Vegan" (which means no animal products);
even Battery acid is "Vegan".

3. There is NO such thing as "Organic" nail polish, by ANY definition:
a) No polish is Carbon, Nitrogen or Oxygen based;
b) Nail Polish is not derived from a plant or animal source;
there are no "organic" remains in nail polish; &
c) The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) regulates
the title "Organic" and they do not issue it for nail polish.

4. Please read the other ingredients used in these supposedly "vegan", "organic", "natural" or "non-toxic" nail polishes (if they are not listed, something is wrong).

Here is a list of commonly used ingredients they don't tell you about:

a. Nitrocellulose when dry is extremely Flammable - It has the name Nitro in it. That can't be very healthy and is one of the reasons nail polish is banned from airplanes.

b. Ethylacetate & N. Butyl Acetate are at least as dangerous and toxic as Formaldehyde, Toluene & the Pthalates when it comes to emitting poisonous migraine producing vapors.

c. Dibutyl Pthalate (DBP) or Any Pthalates have been shown to cause birth defects & are technically illegal in California;

d. Ethylene Glycol is used in Anti-Freeze, and may produce rapid & dramatic toxicity;

e. Mono-Butyl Ether is also a very toxic and dangerous substance.

SafeNailPolish® is guaranteed to be:

1. Non-Toxic!
2. Completely Odorless!
3. Safe for The Environment!
4. Truly Water-based, and yet:
Dries HARD in 5(five) minutes AND within 2(two) hours after application becomes HydroPHOBIC (actually repels water) and will NOT dull, become cloudy or soft in shower or bath! This is the "real deal" that is similar
to the dangerous stuff (conventional polish)!
5. Safe For Women, Children, Men & Pets!
6. Perfect For Those with Chemical Sensitivities, Hypoallergenic!
7. Safe & Effective on Acrylic nails!
(Which are very unhealthy all by themselves & not recommended.)
8. Conforming to California Proposition 65!
(Conventional nail polish is technically illegal in California.)
9. Made in U.S.A.

PLUS: No Conditioning Period Needed & Does NOT Need A Top
or Base Coat - Faster Than Conventional Polish!!!

Safe Nail Polish® is guaranteed NOT to contain:

Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-Pthalate (DBP), Ethylacetate,
N. Butyl Acetate, Acetone or hidden dangerous chemicals.
(Safe for closed spaces without fear of harmful fumes!)

Contains NO separate dangerous precursors that will form anything toxic
once the manufacturing process is complete.

Please go to www.SafeNailPolish.com to learn more about protecting you, the environment and your loved ones! 

Thank You.